Francesco and Veronica Passerin d’Entreves offer a selection of products made respecting the tradition and with the firm belief that the final produce needs to be an expression of its terroir. Fattoria Dianella offers the traiditonal Chianti, the Chianti Riserva, “Il Matto delle Giuncaie”, “Le veglie di Neri”, “Sereno e Nuvole”, “All’Aria Aperta”, and “Dolci Ricordi”, whose name is inspired to the novels written by Renato Fulcini, a poet who lived in the estate during the last century. Our last wine is “Maria Vittoria & Ottavia”, a sangiovese Rosè, made with the ancestral method, named after the daughters of Francesco and Veronica.

Year after year Dianella’s wines keep winning awards. This, paired with the constant aim for new results, helps us in keeping this reality going. It’s our goal to always improve Dianella and the other family properties with quality and hard work, striving to grow the number of people aware of our reality and gaining their trust and respect.