An absolute challenge


Sangiovese is the chosen grape for Chianti. Its origins and name are uncertain, some claim it comes from “Sangiovannese”, meaning from San Giovanni Valdarno, others claim it comes from “Sanguegiovese”, meaning Jupiter’s blood, from Jupiter’s Mountain, close to Santarcangelo di Romagna.

Sangiovese is the most grown grape variety at Dianella. The different biotypes and clones found in our vineyards are carefully selected and isolated by Franco Bernabei and his staff, who spend endless time studying and perfecting the varieties.

There are many declinations of Sangiovese to be found in our wines, from its purest form in the Matteo delle Giuncate, the Rosè, both still and sparkling, to a wonderful mix with Cabernet Sauvignon in the Veglie di Neri. Of course it cannot be missed in the traditionally elegant Chianti and Chianti Riserva, Dianella’s history.


Tradition, Innovation and bubbles